Amazon S3 Multipart uploads

Amazon S3 Multipart Uploads File using PHP

Online web storage services are currently very handy to use, Amazon s3 is one the leading names in this field, it provides the feature of multipart uploads which divides a single object into multiple parts while uploading, it also enhances the bandwidth and allows the user to upload more data as compared to single object upload operations. It is mostly used when the object is too large to be uploaded as one single file. PHP makes the use of this service even more user friendly. AWS PHP comes with a bunch of attractive features that smoothness the process. Most importantly it reduces the time and complexity of coding that may be required if you are using other languages such as AWS SDK, which are not easy to handle.

Amazon S3 Multipart Uploads

The process mainly consists of three steps.
First step is to identify the objects that you are going to use. You will need to establish a link with the object before using it.Provide your own aws Access Key and Secret Key.

Second step deals with the customization of the object as per the requirements.

Then comes the third step, which is debugging. It is only applicable if an error occurs during the process. The debugging features comes with a variety of options including suggestions and corrections.. There is another feature that may be attractive for many of us, it is aborting the process. It means you can halt all the operations and abort the upload at any instance. This indicates the control you have over your objects or files.

There is another concurrency option on the UploadBuilder object that is attempt to upload parts in parallel concurrently.The following example will create a transfer object that will upload four parts in parallel until the entire object has been uploaded.

All in all it’s an ingenious way of handling files in a web page. The objective of online data storage is best served by this approach, most of its features aim to enhance the overall experience of the users. It is a commonly used tool in most of the updated web servers
Download Amazon PHP SDK