Best Debugging Tools in PHP

Best Debugging Tools in PHP

PHP is the most typically used web development language. Like any other software development language, PHP also has its specialized debugging tools. Every month, a variety of tools are created to make lifetime of PHP developers a lot easier. Script debugging has forever been a priority for developers, particularly for beginners and intermediate level developers.Before reading best debugging tools in php , you must first perceive the thought of debugging.

Debugging is a subject of removing bugs from the script to make sure correct execution. Debugging is usually a time consuming task, as throughout practice session you’ve got to travel at each line of code. To reduce the time spent in debugging, a lot of tools are developed. PHP debugging has never been a straightforward subject.

In the competitive market there are a lot of software available  in the market for debugging of PHP scripts. Choosing a debugging tool isn’t a straight forward task. To pick a debugging tool, first you must consider the functionalities. PHP debugging tools are primarily the apps developed to seek out bugs within code. The importance of those tools becomes a lot of evident once a developer is working on large applications containing thousands lines of code. Here, we’ve simply compiled a list of the foremost well-known PHP debugging tools to assist developers to come up with a code during a timely manner. Details are as follows.

Best Debugging tools in PHP


Development of FirePHP was to cover the gap that was left within the debugging field. it absolutely was felt by developers that there should be a tool which can debug Ajax response and requests.

Actually, it absolutely was robust to trigger a Ajax specific request with a Restful model. Hence, FirePHP was launched for this. with this tool, you don’t need modification to trace errors. Your messages being sent via browser within HTTP response headers that works nice because it doesn’t break encoding of JSON or XML. Hence FirePHP is ideal for debugging Ajax requests like as PHP codebase.

FirePHP is add-on that is the extension of Firebug. It provides API with PHP Web applications. FirePHP is a free resource which can be installed through Mozilla add-on section.

Things required for FirePHP:

Following are three points that need to start with FirePHP.

You can install FirePHP once reading few directions through the web site


Netbeans is another debugging tool that is originally written in Java. A big advantage of Netbeans is that its IDE can be extended by the third party.

Netbeans is very useful tool for PHP development. Netbeans is run on different compatible platforms like UNIX operating system, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and Solaris.

Also, you will find a wider community over the web which assist you in development. Latest version of Netbeans is Netbeans IDE 8.1. Netbeans is open source and has worldwide community of users.

NetBeans PHP editor is extremely helpful because it facilitates developers in code generation. There are several advantages of using Netbeans. Semantic code highlighting, code formatting, popup documentation, marking of occurrences and exit point are few of them.


It’s  another cross-platform IDE for PHP. Its editor has PHP, HTML and JavaScript debugging choices. It supports all recent versions of PHP including  PHP7.
PHPstorm was written in Java. PHPstorm supports all options that are in Webstorm. Pre-installed JavaScript plugins also are offered in PHPstorm as an example node.js. Latest stable version of PHPstorm is 10.0.
 Benefits of testing and debugging with PHPstorm:
It is simple to configure other debuggers like zend debugger and x-debug to test local variables, arrays, advanced objects. PHPUnit tests may be performed in it and can be run from directory, class or file with code coverage. User can jump from execution stats to functions in PHP via PHPstorm.


X DEBUG is top of line open source debugger and is available for free. It offers detailed profiling and debugging of PHP scripts. Having its extension type characteristics, it is very easy to setup and use. It has the ability to provide data on function trace and stack traces in the error along with the full parameters for all the functions. (


KRUMO is yet another excellent debugger. KRUMO is a great replacement for print_r() and var_dump() functions which are often used for the purpose of debugging. These functions often produce unformulated results which are not much user-friendly. KRUMO’s output is much user-friendly collapsible DHTML tree which is pivoted around the dumped variables. It offers high speed debugging as compared to other debuggers. (


PHP DEBUG BAR is one of good PHP debugger. It can work with any project and may as well display data from a wide variety of web applications. This debugger comprises of two parts 1) mainDebugBar object and data collectors 2) the render. Data collectors collect a specific set of data. For the sake of ease, the StandardDebugBar comes with a pre-activated built-in set of collectors. (


KINT is among the best PHP scripts debuggers. Its distinguished feature is that it is very much user-friendly, powerful and is totally customizable for individual developers. Kint is capable of intelligently detecting that which type of data is being dumped and based on that it can come up with customized solutions. (


WHOOPS another outclass debugging tool, has a comprehensive library of rules as compared to other debuggers. It can help developers and project managers in any way they want. It is also an open source debugger and offers a wide variety of solutions for debugging. (


PINBA is a tool working as a real-time monitoring server for PHP running MySQL. It is an open source storage engine and is aimed at helping web developers to monitor the performance of almost any type of PHP Scripts. ( My SQL 5.1 was the first version to support PINBA.


PHP DYN is among top extensions for helping the developers to debug their PHP codes. Facility of execution tracing for PHP scripts is also provided by PHP DYN. It also acts as an open source resource for PHP community. (


PHP MD is a perfect tool for fetching the source code and finding errors in it. Alongside finding errors, it can also suggest the corrections. It has a very sleek set of definitions which are as powerful as any other debugger. (


MacGDBp as obvious from the name, is a PHP debugger for Mac OS users. It is a real-time debugging application. It is on par with any other PHP developer available and has all the powerful features. Online updates, stepping through the code and setting breakpoints are its distinguishing features. (


Though there are many PHP debugging tools available in the market and some of best debugging tools in php have been compared above, it is the developers’ preference which will decide what is best for whom.