jQuery Full Calendar Integration with Bootstrap & PHPMySQL

I want to manage all my events on a calendar and want to have all information on one place in a website.

What should I do? I think, I will use jQuery Full Calendar for it.

If I am using WordPress, I can find so many plugins for full fling this requirement. But my problem is to use jQuery Full Calendar in a custom PHPmySQL site. So, for this, I wrote this tutorial. I am integrating jQuery Full Calendar with bootstrap, PHP & MySQL. I am doing the CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation.

Step 1: Download Full Calendar plugin from https://fullcalendar.io/download/.


Step 2: Create database table full_calendar_events

Step 3. Code includes below jQuery scripts

PHP Files for jQuery Full Calendar:

Create connection with database.


Index file contains all the CRUD operations. If you want to seprate them, you can make seprate file for each operation.

Appearance of jQuery Full Calendar:

Here is the markup for diaplaying the calendar div and HTML popup.

AJAX requests ans response file script.js

In the last, a javascript file that contans all the requests sent PHP and responses.

That’s all. I hope you will like it. Share your reviews and comments. Thanks