AJAX pagination using PHP and MySQL with Demo

This tutorial will be on AJAX pagination using PHP and MySQL. We know Pagination is one of the beautiful tweaks for presenting your site to your visitors. People feel that everything is placed on its exact location. It is also called the website management. Today, we will learn about that beautiful task; pagination. We can… [Read More]

Advanced git commands list with complete tutorial

In my previous article list of some basic git commands, we learned to install and configure git with basic git commands. Today, we will talk about the advanced git commands list. The key points for this article are as follows; What is Git Branching and why we use it? Create a new branch Merge branches… [Read More]

List of Some Basic git Commands

I am a part of many online php forums and I noticed that peoples around were asking many questions like What is git? What are git commands How can we use git commands ? Some basics git commands list What is Git branching Resolve Git Merging issues So I decide to write a comprehensive article… [Read More]